New Laser Technology

Joint-stock company "NOLATECH" (New Laser technology) - leading enterprise in the field of development and manufacturing of semiconductor lasers and laser modules for a fiber optic link including WDM, and also for other fields of application. The excellent characteristics of laser modules have allowed to find the most broad application in communications systems and cable television, and also in the ecology and medicine. The issued laser modules are protected by the patents of Russian Federation.

The developed lasers have:

  • low threshold currents
  • high quantum efficiency
  • broad band of modulation
  • high coupling coefficient with a fiber (filament)
  • high stability of power
  • small noise
  • high speed of modulation
  • large resource (safe life) of activity

The joint-stock company "NOLATECH" is off-the shelf to consider any your proposals in connection with development and manufacturing of lasers, laser modules, semiconductor optical amplifier, superluminescent diode, as well as photodiodes for different application.