Single mode Fabry-Perot laser diode module designed for optical measurement and communication. The laser is packaged in miniDIL package with monitor photodiode. Module is pigtailed with 0.5-0.9 m of single mode or polarization maintaining (optional) fiber and connectorized by FC/PC connector.

Optical and electrical characteristics:
Parameter Symbol Test condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Optical Power Pf CW 10 mW
Pulsed Optical Power Pfp Pulse, τ=10µs, D=1% 100 mW
Treshold Current Ith 20 50 мА
Forward Current If Pf 60 100 mA
Pulsed Forward Current Ifp Pfp, τ=10µs, D=1% 350 mA
Forward Voltage Vf Pf 2.5 V
Center Wavelength λc Pf 1054 1064 1074 nm
Spectral Width Δλc Pf 1 3 nm
Monitor Current Im Pf 20 500 µA
PD Dark Current Id Vrd=5V 0.1 µA
Extinction Ratio (PM fiber) Xp Pf 20 dB

Parameter Parameter
1 NC 5 PD anode -
2 LD anode + 6 LD -, case
3 LD -, case 7 NC
4 PD cathode + 8 NC