Compact laser modules

Compact laser modules

  • Coaxial package with built-in monitor photodiode and singlemode fiber pigtail
  • Up to 2.5 Gbps
  • Single-mode (SMF-28e) or polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber pigtails
  • Optional FC/APC connector
  • InGaAs monitor photodiode
  • CW or pulsed operation, switching time 10ns
  • Narrow spectral line-width

DFB laser modules

Part name Peak wavelength, nm Typical power, mW Spectral width, MHz Package Price (USD)
DFB-1310-AX 1305 5 <10 Coaxial get a quote
DFB-1550-AX 1550 10 <10 Coaxial get a quote

More information about DFB lasers

Dimensional drawing and wiring diagram Coaxial